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Qualcomm claims iPhone import ban will not hurt consumers

By Cookie Monster - on 26 Jul 2017, 12:00am

Qualcomm claims iPhone import ban will not hurt consumers

In its latest filing, Qualcomm fired back at the Computer & Communications Industry Association for claiming that an iPhone import ban would drive up prices of other smartphones and hurt consumers. The chip maker accuses the lobbying group of waging a "coordinated effort aimed at misdirecting" trade regulators.

Last week, the Computer & Communications Industry argued that the import ban, which targets existing iPhone models with Intel radio modems, will result in "significant shocks to supply" for phones and hurt consumers in the end. 

Qualcomm disagrees; it states that the import ban will not have any long term effect on smartphone prices as Apple is free to purchase and use any radio modems which do not infringe on its patented technologies. It added that Apple is free to purchase and use radio modems from other companies as long as they do not infringe on Qualcomm's patents. Moreover, there are a number of companies who still can supply radio modems to the industry. 

When asked for comments on Qualcomm's latest filing, Apple reiterated its earlier stance that Qualcomm has been unfairly charging royalty fees for technologies that the chip maker has nothing to do with. 

Source: Reuters via 9to5Mac

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