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Qno Releases the QVF7305 for SOHO/SMB Users
By Hafeez Sim - on 27 Jan 2011, 10:21am

Qno Releases the QVF7305 for SOHO/SMB Users

Qno today releases the QVF7305; the world's first Dual-Core CPU Gigabit Multi-WAN VPN QoS Router for SOHO/SMB users. The affordable price, high-speed, and high-performance capabilities provided by the QVF7305 dual-core CPU router, including internal LAN to WAN port speeds up to 400Mb/sec, make it perfect for businesses providing internet connections to customers, like internet cafes, restaurants, hotels, etc., who constantly struggle to maintain sufficient amounts of bandwidth. Furthermore, the easy-to-set-up VPN functionality of the QVF7305 enables individuals working at home to securely connect to company servers, without compromising sensitive data. With more FTTH fiber optic broadband internet providers increasing speeds to 100Mb/sec and above, the QVF7305's competitive price and superior performance make it an ideal router for SMB/SOHO applications and power users.

The QVF7305 has three Gigabit WAN ports, one Gigabit LAN port, one DMZ port (can also be used as an additional WAN or LAN port), and one USB port that supports 3G/3.5G wireless broadband USB dongles. With so many options for connecting fiber-optic cable, ADSL, and wireless broadband, all at the same time, the QVF7305 provides users with the assurance that internet bandwidth levels will always be adequate.

Mutli-Core Processing Power

While currently available SOHO-oriented, single-core routers max out, on average, at speeds of 89Mb/sec with firewalls disabled, Qno's QVF7305 dual-core CPU router operates at speeds up to 400Mb/sec even when firewalls are in use. Featuring the MIPS64 Dual-Core Network Processor, QNO's QVF7305 is the first dual-core router for the SMB/SOHO and home user segment. QNO developed firmware for this new product to take full advantage of the dual-core processing power, giving users lots of overhead and making the router future-proof, able to handle further increases in bandwidth by providers.

Easy VPN

While IPsec VPN connections have traditionally been for advanced users knowing how to set the many parameters required, the SmartLink VPN developed by QNO requires only IP addresses and passwords to setup secure VPN connections between two QNO routers. Now it is easy for individuals and small businesses to create secure connections between home and office, or even with partner offices in neighboring cities.

Advanced Inbound Load Balancing

The processing power of the QNO QVF7305 allows for advanced load balancing features, previously available only on corporate routers. The QNO QVF7305 can evenly distribute requests among users, allowing, for example, private users and small businesses to set up their own game servers or their own small data center to host the websites of their clients.

Smart 3G/3.5G USB Dongle Power Management & Life Extension

Using USB 3G/3.5G dongles 24/7 as backup internet connections or to increase the bandwidth of routers quickly wears out devices. Dongles used constantly often require replacement within 6 months. The QNO Energy-Saving mode of the QVF7305 monitors traffic and only turns dongles on when land lines are not working or bandwidth limits are reached. Supporting a variety of dongle providers, this unique feature extends the lifetime of dongles and saves energy by only powering dongles when needed.

Smart Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth management allows companies and internet coffee shops to limit the maximum bandwidth used by a single user. The advanced SmartQoS, uniquely developed by QNO, of the QVF7305 allows temporary increases of available bandwidth for single users, based on the total bandwidth available, in order to allow faster downloading or uploading of priority files. Administrators can preset the duration of these temporary increases and preset a step-by-step decrease, based on the duration of the session. This flexible management of bandwidth allows more efficient bandwidth sharing and management, compared to fixed presets.

Variety of Features

  • Dual Core Router
  • Internal LAN to WAN port speeds up to 400Mb/sec
  • Easy-to-set-up VPN functionality
  • Advanced Inbound Load Balancing
  • 3G/3.5G USB Dongle Life Extension
  • Smart max. Bandwidth Management
  • QRTG graphic displays of each CPU's usage and traffic for each WAN port
  • Two QNO QVF7305 routers can be paired to offer enterprise level backup or load sharing
  • A unique independent Web Video QOS feature enables administrators to manage access to internet video providers
  • Custom QNO dongles easily create VPN connections from the router to your notebook


Obsessed with technology?
Subscribe to the latest tech news as well as exciting promotions from us and our partners!
By subscribing, you indicate that you have read & understood the SPH's Privacy Policy and PDPA Statement.