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QNAP new NAS OS delivers performance and security enhancements and some new features

By Ken Wong - on 14 Oct 2021, 12:37pm

QNAP new NAS OS deliver performance and security enhancements along with new features

QTS 5.0 is available for download now.

QNAP has released its latest update to its QTS operating system, QTS 5.0 which includes an upgraded Linux Kernel (5.10) and improved features. The improvements add to the ease of use and enhance security and performance.

According to the company. the new kernel improves NVMe SSD performance and utilization. While providing no numbers, QNAP said that when cache acceleration is activated, SSD storage can be utilised more efficiently while also offloading memory resources

Tony Lu, Product Manager at QNAP, said:

Besides automatically updating apps, QTS 5.0 includes more comprehensive security settings, notifications, and related apps to help keep NAS up-to-date and ready to face changing environments and conditions.

For example, QNAP is improving security by introducing WireGuard VPN support. The new QVPN 3.0 integrates WireGuard VPN so users have access to secure connectivity and an easy-to-use browser interface.

The interface has been upgraded too.

Additionally, QTS 5.0 also supports TLS 1.3 so the OS and apps on it get updated automatically. It also provides SSH keys for authentication to secure NAS access.

In terms of new features, files of up to 16 Exabytes (EB) are supported with the exFAT format. This also allows works with flash storage (USB and SD cards) to speed up large media files transfers.

QuFTP is a new app that allows your QNAP NAS to perform as an FTP server. It comes with encrypted SSL/TLS connection, QoS bandwidth control, setting FTP transfer limitations or speed limitations for users and groups.

QTS 5.0 is available now from the Download Centre with more information available online.

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