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Purported hands-on video of a pre-production iPhone 12 unit leaked

By Cookie Monster - on 1 Sep 2020, 8:53pm

Purported hands-on video of a pre-production iPhone 12 unit leaked

Screenshot taken of the YouTube video "Apple iPhone 12 Hands-on Video" by Sparrow News

A purported hands-on video of Apple's upcoming iPhone 12 Pro has surfaced. 

The 15-second long video shows a device that looks similar to the current iPhone 11 Pro from the front and back, but the sides indicate that we are possibly looking at a pre-production unit of the iPhone 12.

While the iPhone 11 Pro has rounded sides, the device in the video has squared off sides similar to the iPad Pro. There have been multiple reports about the iPhone 12 adopting a redesigned metal frame similar to the iPhone 4 or iPad Pro. 

The rear camera setup looks fishy though; leaked schematics of the iPhone 12 models show a different camera layout. However, renders and schematics are not able to paint an accurate picture of the camera layout as they are typically used by third party manufacturers to make cases. 

There is no FCC label on the back of the device, which suggests that the device in the video is likely to be a pre-production unit or a test unit. 

Apple is rumoured to be taking a phased launch approach for the iPhone 12 with the non-Pro models shipping earlier. The Pro models could hit retail shelves only in November according to some reports. 

Source: Sparrows News via GSMArena

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