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Purported features of Apple’s mixed reality headset revealed

By Cookie Monster - on 25 Jan 2023, 12:30am

Purported features of Apple’s mixed reality headset revealed

Purported render of the Apple mixed reality headset. <br>Image source: Ian Zelbo

Several features of Apple’s mixed reality headset have been revealed by Bloomberg.

The Apple mixed reality headset has several external cameras that analyse the user’s hands, and sensors to track the user’s eyes. Instead of relying on a controller like other competing headsets, users can pinch their thumb and index finger together to start a task. Users can control the headset by looking at on-screen icon.

There is a Digital Crown-like scroll wheel on the side of the headset for users to switch between augmented reality and virtual reality. While VR mode fully immerses the user, AR mode will make the content fade and be surrounded by the real environment.

Potential content partners include Disney and Dolby, and Apple is updating Apple TV+ content to work with the headset. There is a video watching option where users can view content on a giant screen in another setting such as outer space.

The headset can also double as an external display for the Mac where users see the display in virtual reality and yet control with the mousepad, trackpad or keyboard. For text input, users can rely on Siri or via a nearby iPhone/Mac/iPad. Apple is said to be working on technology that allows users to type in midair.

The Apple headset is powered by an external battery the size of two iPhone 14 Pro Max models, and has a cooling fan to prevent the device from overheating. The battery can last about two hours.

Other rumoured specs include a curved screen, speakers on the side, a headband, a chassis made of aluminium, glass and cushions, and FaceTime rendering the face and body in virtual reality.

Apple is expected to unveil the mixed reality headset before WWDC. It is expected to cost about US$3,000.

Source: Bloomberg via 9to5Mac

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