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PSA: TerraMaster provides ransomware protection to boost NAS and data security

By Ken Wong - on 7 Sep 2021, 10:35am

PSA: TerraMaster provides ransomware protection to boost NAS and data security

To protect users from cyberattacks like ransomware, TerraMaster is including a suite of cybersecurity solutions to provide protection against cyberattacks like ransomware and viruses, as part of its TerraMaster operating system for their NAS devices.

There have been a number of cyberattacks on businesses recently in Singapore with businesses and even service providers falling victim.

Some of the key features include:

Users need to set a new account and password on setup. Image courtesy of Terramaster.

  • Disabling the default administrator account: Disabling the default administrator account ensures that users will have to create a new administrator account and set their own password at first use.

Receive notifications for anything that could go wrong. Image courtesy of Terramaster.

  • Alert notifications: TerraMaster NAS users can stay up to date with the status of their NAS even at home with real-time monitoring and alert notifications for system events, power failures, and others.

Malicious IPs can be blocked easily. Image courtesy of Terramaster.

  • Automatic IP blocking: TerraMaster NAS devices come with an Automatic IP Blocking feature that automatically blocks users from IP address with too many login attempts.

Install AV for an additional level of protection. Image courtesy of Terramaster.

  • Anti-virus protection: Users can get access to the Clam AntiVirus via the TOS app. ClamAV is an open-source antivirus engine for detecting trojans, viruses, malware, and other malicious threats.

Have a snapshot taken every few minutes to hours for easy recovery. Image courtesy of Terramaster.

  • Snapshot: Snapshot can be installed on TerraMaster NAS devices with Btrfs file system support. Like other similar apps, it creates an image of the storage server for recovery use when needed. Depending on their space available, users can enable Snapshot to take an image snapshot as frequently as every five minutes.

Backing up and de-duping in the cloud is also simple. Image courtesy of Terramaster.

  • Backup: Unlike Snapshot, Backup provides more comprehensive protection by creating a complete copy of your data to be safely stored elsewhere. TerraMaster NAS devices come with DupleBackup which provides data backup options to several supported storage options including Rsync server, Webdav server, various mainstream cloud drivers, and other NAS devices.

You can also sync to multiple Cloud based services. Image courtesy of Terramaster.

  • Cloud synchronization: TerraMaster NAS devices support Cloud drive synchronization options including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, OpenDrive, NetCloud, and others. Data synchronization occurs immediately as soon as data has been added or revised so little can be lost.

Users can choose if they want to activate all these features simultaneously for the best protection. To learn more about TerraMaster’s cybersecurity features, please visit the TerraMaster website.

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