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PSA: Hackers are sending phishing emails posing as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and WHO

By Cookie Monster - on 13 May 2020, 12:00am

PSA: Hackers are sending phishing emails posing as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and WHO

Check Point Research's latest report reveals a 30% increase in Covid-19 themed cyber attacks over the past three weeks. 

As more people are using various video conferencing services for work, hackers took the opportunity to register domains related to Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. Close to 37% of Zoom-related domains were registered with 1.5% classified as malicious and 13% as suspicious. 

Hackers use these lookalike domains to send phishing emails that look like offical links to trick people into downloading malware or giving access to personal information. In other cases, the emails claim to be soliciting donations for the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the United Nations, and request the payments be made to "several known compromised" bitcoin wallets.

The report cites one WHO-themed phishing email that claimed to be an important letter with information on the first human vaccine test. This particular email actually contains password-stealing keylogging malware that will download to the computer when clicked.

To avoid being a victim of these phishing emails, Check Point Research recommends everyone to beware of lookalike domains especially those with spelling errors and sent by unfamiliar sources. Passwords should not be reused across multiple accounts as well. 

Source: infosecurity-magazine, The Verge 

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