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Property search website launches 3D map of Singapore for homebuyers

By Glenn Chua - on 18 Jan 2022, 6:50pm

Property search website launches 3D map of Singapore for homebuyers

The future Meyer Mansion condo viewed through's map. (Image source:

If you're a prospective homebuyer who wants to explore a potential new property from the comfort of your current home, you're in luck., a property search portal, is launching an interactive 3D map of Singapore, encompassing over 160,000 buildings.

The new map allows buyers and browsers to explore the surroundings of their new properties, including views, amenities such as shops, parks and MRT stations, and through a tab on the top left of the map, the direction of the sun in different hours of the day.

To make this possible, worked with F4, a French video game development turned digital mapping company, to create a vector map of Singapore, which says brings down the file size and loading times of its map to ensure smooth scrolling. The 3D map is also viewable on mobile. has also worked with several real estate developers to advertise and display models of future developments on the map to give homebuyers a more realistic depiction of their new properties and the services around them. 

The upcoming Clavon condominium in Clementi, facing south and with the time set to 18:00. Amentities are shown through icons. (Screenshot: 3D map)

Additionally, some under-construction HDB flats, such as the future Tengah Gardens neighbourhood, are also displayed as fully-built. In the case of Tengah Gardens, the future Jurong Region Line MRT stations are also being shown.

Future Tengah HDB blocks with Tengah Plantation and Tengah Park MRT stations displayed. (Screenshot: 3D map)

The most popular comparable service to the one that is offering would be Google Maps and Google Earth, both of which also offer a 3D map of Singapore. Despite the immense amount of cosmetic detail from Google, however, both services are fairly outdated; most of their 3D imagery dates back a couple of years which compromises their accuracy and relegates them to more leisurely uses cases.

With home viewings and showroom capacity being limited or restricted during this pandemic, says that its 3D map is a way for real estate developers to reach out to potential buyers while current measures are in place. Beyond the pandemic, it also hopes that its 3D map can increase productivity for real estate agents through multiple virtual viewings per day.

If you're interested in taking a look at's map, or if you're simply curious, you can head on to and start searching to access it.

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