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The Principality of Zeon x OWNDAYS collaboration includes a very cool 1:7 scale Char's Zaku Head Case

By Zelda Lee - on 14 May 2024, 11:58pm

The Principality of Zeon x OWNDAYS collaboration includes a very cool 1:7 scale Char's Zaku Head Case

The Zaku Head Case is available for S$498.

Following their successful collaboration in 2020, OWNDAYS and the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise are joining forces once again. This time, the focus is on the Principality of Zeon, one of the iconic factions from the anime series. The new collection, set to officially launch on 17 May, includes two spectacle and sunglass models, and a very limited edition Zaku Head Case with light and sound effects.

L-R: Zeon Exclusive Spectacles in red, Zeon Exclusive Spectacles in khaki (S$198 with standard high index aspheric lenses)

L-R: Zeon Exclusive Sunglasses in khaki, Zeon Exclusive Sunglasses in red (S$78)

The Zaku Head Case is modelled after Zeon’s ace, Char Aznable’s custom MS-06S Zaku II. This eyewear case is not your average accessory either. Measuring 45cm in length and scaled at 1:7, it is the largest Zaku Head Case to date, with only 180 units available for purchase in Singapore. If you’re a Gundam fan, this is your one chance to own a ‘big’ piece of Char.

@hwztech This cool Zaku Head Case (Char’s personal mobile suit) is extremely limited - there are only 180 units available in Singapore. Available only ar OWNDAYS. #gundam #redcomet #charaznable #oneyearwar @OWNDAYS Singapore ♬ Cool anime song style simple rock(1415483) - IKUTO

The Zaku Head Case isn’t just for display, and includes a movable space for storing eyewear and a monoeye that lights up accompanied by an activation sound effect. The blade antenna, a distinctive symbol of a Zeon commander rank, is detachable thanks to built-in magnets.

The full Principality of Zeon X OWNDAYS collection will be officially launched at all 33 OWNDAYS stores in Singapore, and online at on 17 May 2024. Char’s Zaku Head Case is available for pre-order only at OWNDAYS’ website (click here). It cost a cool S$498.

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