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The popular Dyson Airwrap multi-styler is now available in new colours and re-engineered attachments

By Aaron Yip - on 17 Mar 2022, 12:14pm

The popular Dyson Airwrap multi-styler is now available in new colours and re-engineered attachments

Dyson has announced its latest, next-generation, Airwrap multi-styler - sort of.

It's essentially the same as the original Dyson Airwrap multi-styler, with all the same key features and benefits (like a happy girlfriend or spouse), but comes with new and re-engineered attachments that have been designed with new technology. Dyson says the new tech will help increase control when styling. There are also new colours within the range, called Bright nickel and Rich Copper.

But what makes the new Airwrap different from the original is that it will come with three new attachments:

  • Coanda smoothing dryer: This is completely new and has two modes. In Drying mode, concentrated airflow helps to pre-dry hair before styling. In Smoothing mode, two jets of air work simultaneously on dry hair to smooth and perfect your end style and hide flyaways (first introduced with the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer’s Flyaway attachment). This mode should only be used on dry, straight or straightened hair.
  • Re-engineered Airwrap barrels: The Airwrap barrels now include a rotating cool tip to change the direction of the airflow. For ladies, or anyone with long locks,This means you can create both clockwise and anticlockwise curls using a single attachment.
  • Re-engineered Smoothing brushes: The Smoothing brushes have been re-engineered to style with more control, using Enhanced Coanda airflow to attract and align hair for a straight style.

Coanda smoothing dryer attachment. Photo: Dyson

The new Airwrap multi-styler is available now for S$849 and will replace the original machine at Dyson physical and online stores.

There's also good news for existing Dyson Airwrap owners. As the machine remains unchanged, the new attachments are fully compatible with it so you can upgrade your full set with the trade-up kit. Dyson has said that pricing and availability will come soon, so watch this space.

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