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A standalone Ghost of Tsushima sequel is reportedly coming this year to PlayStation

By Tim Augustin - on 29 Jun 2021, 2:44pm

A standalone Ghost of Tsushima sequel is reportedly coming this year

Image: PlayStation

Jin Sakai’s adventures continue. 

Developer Sucker Punch Productions is reportedly working on a standalone sequel to Ghost of Tsushima titled Ghost of Ikishima - and it’s set to launch later this year! Several industry insiders began leaking the project’s existence recently, with Xboxera’s Nick Baker eventually revealing its title. 

Baker explained that Ghost of Ikishima would act as an ‘expandalone’ title, which means that it’s an expansion of the original game that can be played without owning the game itself. In terms of scope, Baker compared the game to Gears 5: Hivebusters, an expansion that added a short story campaign to the base game. A domain for ‘Ghost of Ikishima’ has been registered and it redirects users to the official PlayStation 4 games page, lending credence to this rumour. 

Essentially, we’re looking at a Spider-Man: Miles Morales-like sequel, with a new story campaign built upon the foundation of its predecessor with a shorter length. Sucker Punch has done this for their games before. After the studio released Infamous: Second Son, they released a smaller expansion/sequel called Infamous: First Light. 

The title ‘Ghost of Ikishima’ makes sense, too. Next to the real-life Tsushima Island is Iki Island, a smaller land mass that’s just a boat ride away. Jin Sakai could easily pay the island a visit for any number of reasons, or the story could follow an entirely different character instead. Who knows? A number of insiders have also pointed to an upcoming PlayStation event happening in the coming weeks, so we might not have to wait long to find out. 

Sony and Sucker Punch Productions are banking on the Ghost of Tsushima IP quite a bit, so it’s not like a sequel is beyond the realm of possibility. The director of John Wick is working on a movie adaptation of the game, and several job listings have hinted at Sucker Punch working on something Ghost of Tsushima-related. This could be it. 

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