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The PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller is getting two new colour variants (Update)

By Tim Augustin - on 3 Jun 2021, 4:48pm

The PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller is getting two new colour variants

Image: Sony

Note: This article was first published on 17 May 2021

Just in case white isn’t your thing. 

Sony Interactive Entertainment have announced that the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller will soon be available in two new colours: Cosmic Red and Midnight Black. The new colour schemes will be available to purchase in June. The console itself is another story. 

A PlayStation blog post goes into more detail about these new colour schemes. Midnight Black is reminiscent of classic PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 controllers, featuring, “two subtly different shades of black with light grey detailing to reflect how we view space through the night sky,” according to the post. Cosmic Red on the other hand, “offers a striking black and red design inspired by the unique vivid shades of red found throughout the cosmos.”

Image: Sony

The red controller pops a little more, but both controller designs also come with a touch of blue thanks to the DualSense’s lighting. If you have been looking for alternatives to the standard white-and-black colour scheme however, these will do nicely. The Midnight Black DualSense controller will be sold for US$69.99 (around S$93) at the same price as the original white-and-black controller, but the Cosmic Red DualSense controller is slightly more expensive at US$74.99 (around S$100). 

Both controllers are set to arrive on 11 June at participating retailers globally, but the blog post warns that the exact release date will, “vary by location,” and advises consumers to check their local retailers for availability. You can find more information on the DualSense controllers here. 

Image: Sony

Update: Sony has just announced a release date for these DualSense colour variants in Singapore: 10 June, 2021. You can find local pricing details below:

  • DualSense Wireless Controller (Midnight Black) at the price of S$99.9
  • DualSense Wireless Controller (Cosmic Red) at the price of S$107
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