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Play as a killer shark in Maneater when it hits the Nintendo Switch in May

By Tim Augustin - on 22 Mar 2021, 4:07pm

Play as a killer shark in Maneater when it hits the Nintendo Switch in May

Image: Tripwire Interactive

There’s something in these waters…

Killer shark RPG (yes, you read that right) Maneater is launching on the Nintendo Switch on 25 May, 2021. If you’ve ever wanted to play as a primordial, ever-evolving shark that feasts on humans, this is pretty great news. The game has also been available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC since its release last year. 

Check out a trailer (for the PS4) below:

Maneater is an open-world game where you explore the seas and eat things to evolve as a shark - becoming more and more powerful until you become the Apex Predator of the ocean. You begin as a small bull shark pup struggling to survive in an unforgiving ecosystem, fighting off humans and wildlife alike. Your journey won’t end with you becoming a simple adult shark, but something, “far beyond what nature intended,” according to a press release. 

The story follows a shark trying to get revenge against a cruel fisherman that once dismembered it. The open world consists of seven large regions, with environments ranging from the bayous of the gulf coast to resort beaches as you reenact scenes from Jaws (but not really). Basically: eat fish. Kill humans. Explore the seas. Find that evil fisherman!

Maneater for the Nintendo Switch will cost US$39.99 (around S$53). 

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