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Plantronics launches the BackBeat Sense - ultra-light wireless headphones for all-day listening

By Marcus Wong - on 31 Aug 2015, 3:30pm

Plantronics launches the BackBeat Sense - ultra-light wireless headphones for all-day listening

Plantronics has just unveiled the latest member of the BackBeat family: the BackBeat Sense. These headphones have a unique, patent-pending headband that allows it to fit 99% of all head sizes. The design also spreads the weight of the headphones evenly, eliminating the pressure that cause fatigue and discomfort commonly known as “headphone clamping”.

At only 140g, the BackBeat Sense is lighter than most Bluetooth headphones and comes with pillow-soft memory foam earpads that conform to your ears, improving the overall listening experience. The BackBeat Sense also has built-in smart sensors that detect when you take them off, automatically pausing your music to preserve battery life, and fading them back in when you put them back on.

The BackBeat Sense comes in a choice of Black/Espresso or White/Tan.

The BackBeat Sense is also comes with intelligent pairing, using Advanced Class 1 Bluetooth to pair with up to two devices simultaneously, switching between either source at will. Voice prompts give you updates on battery life, connection status and more. All the controls are conveniently located on one earcup, and the headphones boast a battery life of 18 hours on a single charge, so you can listen to your heart’s content.

Enjoy your music with rich bass, crisp highs and great mids thanks to the signature Plantronics drivers. Dual mics allow you to enjoy clear voice calls with HD Voice communications technology, while OpenMic technology allows you to tap back into the outside world at a touch of a button. All of this in a compact design that uses fold-flat earcups to make the BackBeat Sense easy to store and transport.

The BackBeat Sense comes with a durable pouch for transport and storage.

The BackBeat Sense is available now in a choice of Black/Espresso or White/Tan at all major authorized retailers for S$279.

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