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Plantronics brings added focus to the office with their latest headset: the Voyager Focus UC

By Marcus Wong - on 4 Nov 2015, 11:00am

Plantronics brings added focus to the office with their latest headset: the Voyager Focus UC

We all know how difficult it can be to work in a crowded office sometimes. Open office designs mean sound carries throughout the office so often you’re distracted by a colleague on the far end of the room. Or, the noise of the aging air conditioner system in the office is just making too loud noise for you to hear what your clients are saying on the phone.

Well, Plantronics has a solution for you. The Voyage Focus UC is an ultra-light headset that comes with three precisely-tuned microphones to provide superior audio on both sides of the call. Noise cancellation technologies on the outside of the ear cups help to reduce low frequency noises like vacuum cleaners and air conditioners, while noise cancellation on the boom microphone of the Voyage Focus UC mean your caller hears only your voice, and none of your surroundings.

Noise cancelling technologies have been applied to improve the listening experience for both sides of the call.

The headset uses Class 1 Bluetooth with adaptive power, so the headset automatically adjusts the amount of power used for transmitting as you move within the 45m wireless range from the source, thus improving the battery life.

Dynamic Mute Alert technology gives you an audio cue if a call comes in and your headset is still set on “mute”, and sensors on the set automatically detect when it is taken off your head, muting the call till you put it back on. If you’re listening to music through the set, the music will be paused when you take off the headset, and will resume when it’s replaced.

The cushioned headband helps to redistribute the weight evenly.

Leatherette ear cushions wrapped around memory foam help to deliver all-day comfort, while the entire headset is extremely light at just 155g, the lightest in its class. Extra care has also been taken with the headband, as the cushioned strap actually helps to pull the headset closer to your face, distributing the weight more evenly across your entire head.

What’s also nice is that Plantronics has applied Contextual Intelligence to the headset so that it takes direction cues from which side the boom mic is facing to orientate the sound. Simply put, if you have the boom mic on your right and have it facing forward, then the ear cup with the boom mic will be sent sound for the right channel. Conversely, if you have it on your left and face it forward, then it will be sent sound for the left channel. So, the sound will always be properly oriented no matter how you wear it.

There's a handy charging stand provided.

There’s a charging dock included, as well as a USB dongle for use with computers that don’t have Bluetooth Class 1 support.

The Plantronics Voyager Focus UC is available now at all authorized Plantronics distributers for S$499.

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