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Pizza Hut's Bubble Tea Blossom is a curious food adventure you can try till 30 March

By Kenneth Ang - on 17 Feb 2021, 3:40pm

Pizza Hut's Bubble Tea Blossom is a curious food adventure you can try till 30 March

Image: Pizza Hut Singapore

Over the past few years, the world has gone through some really weird (and sometimes interesting) crazes in the realm of food. From pairing salted egg or pumpkin spice with almost everything under the sun to putting cheese in bubble tea, I'd like to think that things can't get any crazier in 2021. 

But as it so happens, I stand corrected. For lack of a better term, Pizza Hut has just unveiled what promises to be one of the most...unique pizza concoctions I've ever seen with their new Bubble Tea Blossom pizza, which will be available online and at 67 Pizza Hut outlets islandwide.

Yes, I kid you not - it's boba pearls, on pizza.  

Don't get me wrong, though. I like boba pearls as much as the next Singaporean, but that only applies in the context of milk tea, and putting it on pizza seems a little far-fetched. But since we sad folks at the office cover zany stuff like this for a living (yes, we're trying it), we might as well tell you what goes into it too.

Naturally, it starts off with Pizza Hut's trademark base, with a sweet brown sugar milk tea sauce (excuse me?) layered on. After that, the boba pearls come into play along with mozzarella cheese and marshmallows, and there you have it - one half-sweet, half-savoury Bubble Tea Blossom pizza, ready to go. 

With regards to pricing, a promotional set for one person seems pretty decent at S$11.80, though there are other larger bundles you can check out as well if your buddies want to give it a shot too. On top of that, the pizza chain is also offering a limited-time 50% off all pizza flavours when you order two pizzas for delivery or one for takeaway. Finally, if you dine in or order a regular-sized pizza and upwards, you'll also get a limited-edition Mr. Bubble or Ms. Mozzarella pin to go with your meal. 

The only catch is that this limited-time pizza is only sticking around till 30 March, so if you fancy a little gastronomic adventure done pizza-style, go right on ahead and try it out. 

As for me, I think I'll stick to my regular Hazelnut Milk Tea. 

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