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Pioneer’s new Rayz Plus headphones let you charge your iPhone while you talk

By Marcus Wong - on 6 Mar 2018, 5:13pm

Pioneer’s new Rayz Plus headphones let you charge your iPhone while you talk

Rather than being left out by Apple’s switch from 3.5mm audio jack to Lightning, Pioneer has instead capitalized on the technology to deliver new experiences with their latest Rayz Plus headphones.

 For one, the headphones feature Smart Noise Cancellation technology that draws its power from the connected Lightning device. This means you won’t have to recharge the headphones at all, and only have to manage the battery life of the player.

There’s also a HearThru mode that allows you to let in ambient noise so you’re more aware of your surroundings, just like with the Sony WH-1000X M2 and the Bragi Dash Pro. The Rayz Plus headphones also comes with a personalized app that lets you customize the smart button settings so you can assign dedicated functions to it like double clicking to activate HearThru mode, or a long press to activate noise cancelling.

The Rayz Plus have a Lightning jack on the back of the remote so you can charge the connected iOS device.

Of course equalization is also available via the app, and even firmware updates in the future, so the headphones can gain new features. The built-in microphone also automatically mute themselves when you stop speaking during a call, so the other party doesn’t have to fight against your background noise to be heard. Start speaking, and the Rayz Plus automatically unmutes, so nothing is lost.

Perhaps most useful of all, is the integrated charging port on the side of the remote. This lets you charge your iOS device while you’re using the headphones, so you can easily keep everything powered.

The Pioneer Rayz Plus headphones are available now for S$209.00 in Graphite and Bronze at all leading audio and electronics stores.

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