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Find out how devices and Wi-Fi will work together to control crowds post Covid-19

By Ken Wong - on 5 Jun 2020, 10:15am

Find out how devices and Wi-Fi will work together to control crowds post Covid-19

The dashboard can provide information at a glance. Image courtesy of GlobalReach

As offices, schools, and venues reopen after the Circuit Breaker period, a new tool launched by GlobalReach Technology uses data from devices and other wearables to monitor, predict, alert and notify with real-time alerts when thresholds are breached, to help to manage safe social distancing efforts.

Crowd Insights uses existing public Wi-Fi networks to collect anonymous location, volume and movement data, even without user authentication. Pre-set limits identify crowding, triggering alerts to help venues manage social distancing and keep customers and staff safe.

Alerts, real-time and historic reports are delivered through the Crowd Insights dashboard. The information can also be shown on digital displays for citizens, customers, passengers and others to take their own action.

Offices, schools, and venues can use the tool to provide proof that employers, staff, students and guests are taking steps to responsibly maintain social distancing and meet government guidelines.

The information collected can provide long-term understanding of volumes, dwell time and movement, to support security, safety and commercial planning - such as adding more transportation on a popular route, changing traffic flows in a shopping centre or opening times for a venue.


Other industry tools

Other companies have also been developing tools to help businesses and schools deal with the end of the Circuit Breaker period.

The RamcoGEEK facial recognition system. Image courtesy of Ramco Innovation Lab

Ramco Innovation Lab developed the RamcoGEEK facial recognition system that uses IoT-based sensor doors that can also take the temperature of a person, while CapitaLand is embracing technology to clean and manage their malls.

Chris Bruce, Managing Director, GlobalReach Technology said:

Our customers are keen to reopen, and in some countries, retail venues are already back to 40% of normal time footfall, but their priority is that their staff and customers are confident that safety measures are being taken. This is a valuable way to use existing public Wi-Fi networks, to help proactively protect staff, customers and the public so that they can reopen faster, start to trade and see revenue again.

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