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Philips' new Momentum monitors are made for Xbox Series X|S console owners

By The Count - on 7 Jul 2022, 10:19pm

Philips' new Momentum monitors promise the ultimate HDMI 2.1 Xbox experience

Image source: Philips

A year after joining the console peripherals market with its first Designed for Xbox Momentum monitors, Philips is following up with the introduction of its new 279M1RV and 329M1RV monitors, which were made in partnership with Microsoft. The pair features an upgrade to HDMI 2.1, with the previous monitors sporting HDMI 2.0, along with a slew of other gaming features fit for intense Xbox gaming sessions.

For starters, the two IPS LCD monitors have a 4K 16:9 resolution. The two monitors also feature an MPRT (Moving Picture Response Time, or how long a pixel is visible on-screen) of 1ms for decreased motion blur, as well as a refresh rate of 120Hz for consoles and 144hz for PC. Being HDMI 2.1, they also support variable refresh rates.

Other similarities the two monitors share include support for DTS Sound, and on the outside, support for Philips Ambiglow lighting, which takes the color and brightness of the content on-screen and emits them around and on the back of the monitor.

An example of what Ambiglow can look like. (Image source: Philips)

As for the differences, the main you one may be expecting is the monitor size. And while you're right, as the 279M1RV is a 27-inch display while the 329M1RV is a 31.5-inch display, there are other differences between the two that you may not have been expecting.

For instance, the 279M1RV is compatible with NVIDIA G-Sync (through DisplayPort), while the 329M1RV is compatible with AMD FreeSync Premium. The choice of having support for two different adaptive sync standards is strange, especially considering that the Xbox Series S|X only officially support AMD FreeSync, but for PC gaming, perhaps that might be a factor to consider.

The monitors also support what Philips calls Flicker-free Technology as well as a Low Blue Mode for reduced eye strain. As for the port selection, it's pretty similar for both: 3xHDMI 2.1, 1xDP 1.4, 1xUSB-C (with DP Alt Mode and 65W Power Delivery), 1xUSB-B, and 4xUSB 3.2 (though the port shape is unspecified).

Availability and Pricing

Unfortunately, it seems that both of these monitors are currently only available in North America through Microsoft, and there's no word on availability in Singapore just yet. We do know the pricing, though; the 279M1RV costs US$749.99, while the 329M1RV costs US$899.99.

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