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Philips' new air purifier has an app to control it and gives advice on air quality

By Cookie Monster - on 15 Nov 2017, 1:00am

Philips' new air purifier has an app to control it and gives advice on air quality

Philips recently announced that it has a first-to-market collaboration for air purifiers with leading air quality data and service provider Air Matters with the unveiling of its latest air purifier, the Series 3000i (AC3259/30). 

The Air Purifier Series 3000i (AC3259/30) comes with a professional grade sensor powered by AeraSense technology and the Air Matters connected app for monitoring real time PM2.5 levels and Indoor Allergy Index. 

The AeraSense sensor can accurately identify fine particles that are smaller than PM2.5 which include most common indoor airborne allergens, and process the data to optimize the settings of the air purifier to provide the ideal air quality level.

The Air Matters connected app not only  allows you to control the air purifier (e.g. turn it on, change the fan speed, check the lifetime of the filter), it also allows you to check the indoor and outdoor air quality via the dashboard. Based on the historical data on indoor and outdoor air quality levels, the Air Matters app will provide health advice on how to manage the exposure to allergen or bad air, and help correlate symptoms with peaks in allergen levels.

“At Philips, we aim to empower consumers with solutions to make it easier and more sustainable to live a healthier life at home. Our heritage in healthcare combined with consumer understanding enables us to bring consumers breakthrough product innovations in collaboration with industry experts to help them take control of their personal health by narrowing the gap between professional and personal healthcare,” said Ms. Aw Ee Ling, Senior Marketing Manager, Personal Health, Philips Singapore.

Other useful features of the air purifier include three automatic modes (General, Allergen, Bacteria and Virus), five manual modes for speed control, VitaShield IPS multi-layer filtration technology, NanoProtect HEPA filter and an active carbon filter. 

The Philips Air Purifier Series 3000i (AC3259/30) is priced at S$999, but is currently available at a special price of S$899 at, selected electronic stores, major departmental stores and authorized dealers. Do check out our guide to buying air purifiers if you're interested in one. 

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