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Philips Launches G-Line Gaming 3D Monitors

By Hurrairah bin Sohail - on 4 Nov 2011, 10:17am

Philips Launches G-Line Gaming 3D Monitors

Way back in August 2011 we were invited by MMD to the then sunny climes of Bangkok to have a look at the new line up of Philips Monitors that were going to be released. The products launched at the event included the new flagship Moda, and a variety of monitors intended for home and business use.

MMD, a brand license partner for Philips, also allowed journalists a sneak peak into the future by showcasing a few prototypes they were working on. One of the displays that was revealed was a 27-inch gaming 3D monitor. Dubbed the G-Line, Philips and MMD were aiming high with product by attempting to make it hardware agnostic so that the monitors would function with any graphics card and computer.

Testing out the G-Line prototype model revealed to journalists in August 2011 which was a 27-inch 3D monitor that worked with active shutter technology. (Source:

The G-Line used active-shutter glasses to achieve the 3D effect. The monitors also provide 2D to 3D conversion. From out testing of the prototype, we found the 3D effect to be satisfactory. Depth of field was not particularly impressive but it was achieved with only minimal ghosting and tearing, which made us hopeful for the final product.

The finished G-Line Monitor for Philips has a pearl finish and will be available soon. (Source:

Now it seems that the prototype we had our hands on has been launched as the Philips G-Line 273G3D monitor, which features a new pearl white finish. The monitor works with AMD / ATI graphics cards and provides Full-HD 1080p picture with a refresh rate of 120Hz to achieve the 3D effect.

For more details, you can visit the Philips product page. Hopefully we will be able to get a review of the unit done soon and let you know how much it has changed with respect to performance from its prototype days.

The full press release from Philips can be found on the next page.

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