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Philips Enters Passive 3D Fray

By Andy Sim - on 9 Mar 2011, 8:44am

Philips Enters Passive 3D Fray

In tune with LG's recent 3D evolution, Philips has released two new 3D TV series sporting passive technology - the cinematic 21:9 aspect PFL7956, & widescreen PFL7606. Engineered with Philips' “Easy 3D” technology, the new passive 3D televisions will utilize polarized glasses instead of active ones. Polarized eyewear are generally lighter, cheaper and more comfortable to wear than their active-shutter counterparts. On the flip side, so-called passive panels tend to cost more than those designed for active shutter technology.

HDTVTest - Philips has unveiled its 2011 lineup of HDTV displays at the company’s annual product launch event in Barcelona today. In addition to active-shutter models, the Dutch conglomerate is going to offer passive 3D TV sets for the first time, following in the footsteps of Korean TV maker LG Electronics who unleashed its 3D LCD TVs equipped with FPR (film-type patterned retarder) technology on the unsuspecting television industry late last year.

The 50-inch PFL7956 is capable of 2D-to-3D conversion on the fly, and perhaps more extraordinarily, it can also be used for two-player full-screen gaming.  Philips' conventional widescreen PFL7606 series will ship in various panel sizes, ranging from 32 to 55 inches. Both PFL7956 and PFL7606 series are LED edge-lit. However, it is yet unclear if the two 3D models would ever hit our shores. Hit this link for more on Philips virginal range of passive 3D TVs.

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