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Patriot announces dual USB Type-C/Type-A flash drive for new Macbook users

By Koh Wanzi - on 29 Apr 2015, 11:07am

Patriot announces dual USB Type-C/Type-A flash drive for new Macbook users

Patriot's new flash drive will come with both USB Type-C and Type-A connectors. (Image Source: Patriot Memory)

We’ve been so used to USB Type-A connectors that we don’t even complain when the connector refuses to fit into the port even when we’re looking right at it. While USB Type-C promised to change things with a slimmer and reversible design, we expect that we’ll still be fumbling around with the infuriating Type-A ports for a while.

But what if you bought the new Macbook or Chromebook Pixel? Although the Chromebook Pixel maintains backward compatibility with two USB Type-A ports in addition to its two Type-C variants, Apple’s new Macbook does away with USB Type-A entirely and comes with only a single USB Type-C port.

Patriot now joins SanDisk in offering a dual-sided USB Type-C/ Type-A flash drive for the new Macbook, Chromebook Pixel and other devices that utilize these next-generation USB ports. The backward compatibility with Type-A ports are definitely welcome, and it's good to see that Patriot isn't trying to shoehorn you into using the new standard exclusively. 

Sporting a polished metal exterior, the dual-sided drive pivots on a rotating hinge mechanism that allows users to easily switch to the correct USB port type to suit their needs. Users of the new Macbook will probably appreciate this the most, as they will now have a ready storage solution that allows them to transfer files from the Macbook to other systems with USB Type-A ports.

Given that USB Type-C ports are also making their way onto motherboards from the likes of ASUS, ASRock and MSI, it's nice to see support from manufacturers for the new standard. After all, a new standard would be useless if it wasn't implemented on accessories and products that people actually use. Caldigit also recently released the Tuff external portable hard drives with support for USB Type-C, and as more companies catch on, we'll hopefully be able to dispense with the need for additional USB Type-A connectors in the near future. 

Patriot’s new flash drive will be available to consumers in June and ships in both 32GB and 64GB capacities (the SanDisk drive is only available in 32GB). There is no pricing information at this point in time, but we'll update when we know more.

Source: Patriot Memory

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