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Patents reveal smart Apple Watch bands with Wrist ID and visual indicators

By Cookie Monster - on 9 Sep 2019, 12:00am

Patents reveal smart Apple Watch bands with Wrist ID and visual indicators

Image source: USPTO

Apple has filed three patent applications for smart watch bands that go beyond health tracking. 

The first patent describes a built-in biometric sensor on the Apple Watch band which can recognize the user by the texture patterns of the wrist. A thermal sensor could also be used to detect patterns in the skin and in wrist hair, and unlock the Apple Watch as soon as the user puts it on.

The second patent describes the possibility of including visual indicators on the band to show the type of activity being tracked, and the current progress towards the daily goal. Apple seems to believe this is a more discreet way of conveying information to the user.

The third patent describes a way for a motorized watch band to automatically adjust its fit. This will come in handy during workouts or to get more reliable heart rate readings.

BGR reported in May 2017 that Apple is planning to introduce interchangeable "smart watch bands" which have several features such as a built-in camera and a secondary battery pack. In October 2017, Apple also filed a patent application for a "Wrist Worn Accelerometer for Pulse Transmit Time (PTT) Measurements of Blood Pressure". According to Apple's design, blood pressure can be calculated with the Apple Watch and a sensor-equipped band.

Source: USPTO via 9to5Mac

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