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Patent Wars: ZiiLabs Files Patent Infingement Lawsuit Against Apple and Samsung

By Kenny Yeo - on 11 Mar 2014, 11:43am

Patent Wars: ZiiLabs Files Patent Infingement Lawsuit Against Apple and Samsung


Apple and Samsung have been involved in a legal tussle for a long time. Now, it looks like it could become a three-way fight with ZiiLabs entering the fray.

ZiiLabs is a wholly owned subsidiary of Creative Technology that focuses on low-power, media-rich processors and hardware platforms, and it has just announced that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit in the United States against both Apple and Samsung.

ZiiLabs holds more than 100 patents in the graphics, processor and 3D space and according to the official press release by the company, 10 of these patents have been infringed upon and they are:

1. US 5,831,637 - Video Stream Data Mixing for 3D Graphics Systems
2. US 5,835,096 - Rendering System Using 3D Texture-Processing / Hardware for Accelerated 2D Rendering
3. US 6,111,584 - Rendering System with Mini-Patch Retrieval from Local Texture Storage
4. US 6,650,333 - Multi-Pool Texture Memory Management
5. US 6,683,615 - Doubly-Virtualized Texture Memory
6. US 6,977,649 - 3D Graphics Rendering with Selective Read Suspend
7. US 7,050,061 - Autonomous Address Translation in Graphic Subsystem
8. US 7,187,383 - Yield Enhancement of Complex Chips
9. US 7,710,425 - Graphic Memory Management with Invisible Hardware-Managed Page Faulting
10. US 8,144,156 - Sequencer with Async SIMD Array

ZiiLabs is claiming past and future damages for patent infringement, and also injunctions against both Apple and Samsung. ZiiLabs did not specify which products are guilty of infringement and only said "various Galaxy phones and tablets, and laptops" for Samsung and "various ranges of the iPhone and iPad, iMac and MacBook Pro" for Apple.

It is worth noting that ZiiLabs' parent company, Creative Technology, famously sued Apple in 2006 for infringing upon its ZEN patent and went away victorious with Apple agreeing to pay Creative US$100 million for licenses to use its ZEN patent.

Will history repeat itself? Only time will tell.

Source: Singapore Exchange