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Park, fold and cart this electric scooter’s battery pack to charge it at any wall outlet effortlessly!

By Vijay Anand - on 9 Jan 2018, 4:42am

Park, fold and cart this electric scooter’s battery pack to charge it any wall outlet effortlessly!

The number one problem to embrace electric vehicles has been the need of a dedicated charging station next to the parked vehicle to juice up their battery packs. Well, one company attempted something out of the box and made the battery pack a portable unit. Combined with advanced materials, state of the art design, fully connected and smart, the result is the UJet electric scooter.

Its outstanding proposition is being able to unmount the battery pack unit from the scooter (which is basically where the traditional fuel tank sits), pull up its handle and cart it away effortlessly to your home or office where it can be charged over any regular power socket. The battery pack comes in two sizes that offers either a 70km or 150km range, suitable for everyday small commutes.

This isn't your typical luggage, it's a battery pack on wheels!

The next notable design aspect is the bike’s ability to quickly fold for easy storage and adds to the convenience of occupying a smaller footprint. Adding to the bike’s edgy and modern high performance material frame (alloy and carbon fiber composite) is also the UJet’s spoke-less orbital wheel with in-wheel electric motor and the world’s first nano-augmented tire, making it the lightest in its class.

The folded Ujet electric scooter without its battery pack.

The UJet scooter is also smart and connected as it should be for any modern vehicle and here’s a quote of all it boasts:-

Riders can unlock their scooters with their smartphone, receive step-by-step directions to where it is parked, share it remotely with friends and family, and can disable it remotely if the anti-theft protection sends a warning that the scooter has moved without their command. What’s more, the app allows riders to monitor scooter performance, including battery level, mileage, saved carbon dioxide emissions, and more, as well as easy access to customer support with locations of nearest service shops, and the ability to easily communicate with a dedicated support team.

Additionally, a personalized touch interface provides easy access to navigation, voice control, music streaming, telephony functions, and the front-facing HD camera, which can take video that can be later downloaded and transferred. When in motion, riders can access basic functionality of the interface using buttons on the handlebars, allowing them to focus on the road and have a safe, distraction-free experience.

The Ujet scooter also hosts numerous connectivity options, including SIM card with 3G connection, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth. By actively collecting and processing the data from over 20 sensors, it can alert the rider if there is a potential issue with any of the scooter’s key components.

It’s not often that we come across products that are disruptive in nature, but the UJet electric scooter has all the makings of one to address the modern needs of an urban dweller in any country. It’s slated to launch in Europe in the first half of 2018 and it will steadily be released in the US and Asian markets in the second half of 2018. Prices start from US$8,900.