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Paradigm turns concept into reality with their new Persona Series

By Marcus Wong - on 26 Apr 2017, 3:25pm

Paradigm turns concept into reality with their new Persona Series

“We were able to transform what began as a bold concept speaker into a renaissance for the brand. After receiving rave reviews about our Concept 4F, which debuted at Munich High End 2015, we knew we had something special, and the foundation to create the best sounding speakers we’ve ever produced.”

- Paul Grove, SVP Global Sales and Marketing for Paradigm.

Billed by the company as their most ambitious design to date, all the speakers in the Persona series utilize Truextent Beryllium in both the tweeter and mid-range driver systems, allowing them to reproduce the entire audible spectrum with extremely low coloration. Lighter and stiffer than other premium diaphragm materials, the Beryllium drivers also give the Persona speakers great dynamics and superior transparency.

Every element of the speaker has been meticulously designed for the best performance.

A specially designed compact high-temp voice coil generates an incredibly large sound, using Paradigm’s patented Active Ridge Technology design to create greater excursion within the chamber. The result is a 3dB gain in volume, with distortion-free output (50% greater). Ultra-High-Excursion X-PAL Woofer Drivers are also mounted in a dual-direction array within isolated chambers in the speaker, so that the damping within can effectively eliminate internal standing waves.

The driver lenses for tweeters and mid-range drivers are specially perforated to block out-of-phase frequencies.

Speaking of which, the curved Waveguide cabinet is specially designed, engineered and produce in Canada, so that Paradigm is able to maintain absolute control over the entire process. Every speaker cabinet in the series is a heavy-duty construct of rigid enclosures that are braced and damped to ensure minimal vibrations or internal standing waves are created, allowing for an optimally transparent performance. Even the driver lenses for the tweeters and mid-range drivers have been specially created with a unique patent-pending design that blocks out-of-phase frequencies to deliver only the purest sound.

The entire Persona series. (from L to R: Persona C, Persona A, Persona B, Persona 5F, Persona 9H Hybrid, Persona 7F, Persona 3F, Persona Sub.)

The Persona series is comprised of seven models:

Persona 9H Flagship (S$25,000 per speaker)

Hybrid Floorstanding Loudspeaker, with Four 8.5” Active Bass Drivers & Anthem Room Correction (ARC™).

Persona 7F (S$18,000 per speaker)

Passive Floorstanding Loudspeaker, with Two 8.5” Bass Drivers.

Persona 5F (S$12,500 per speaker)

Passive Floorstanding Loudspeaker, with Three 7” Bass Drivers.

Persona 3F (S$7,250 per speaker)

Passive Floorstanding Loudspeaker, with Two 7” Bass Drivers.

Persona B (S$5,100 per speaker)

Passive Bookshelf / Stand-Mount Loudspeaker.

Persona C (S$10,800 per speaker)

Passive Center Channel Loudspeaker.

Persona SUB (S$10,000 per speaker)

Six 8” Driver Subwoofer with 1700W Continuous / 3400W Peak Power.

The entire Persona series is available at all authorized dealers now in a choice of four automotive finishes: Vanta High Gloss Black, Harmony High Gloss White, Aria Metallic Blue, and Sonic Metallic Silver. Find out more at Paradigm's website.

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