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Panasonic's true wireless buds bring 'dual hybrid' noise cancelling to Singapore

By Raymond Lau - on 1 Jul 2020, 7:00pm

Panasonic’s true wireless buds bring ‘dual hybrid’ noise cancelling to Singapore

Images: Panasonic

First announced at CES 2020, Panasonic’s true wireless earphones have landed in Singapore right on schedule. But the market segment has become increasingly crowded in the five months since, and Panasonic will find itself jumping into a battle royale with some of the biggest brands in consumer electronics. 

Panasonic, however, is no slouch itself and is banking on a few tricks up its sleeves that it hopes will win consumers over.

The headlining feature of the RZ-S500W is a “dual hybrid” noise-cancelling tech that promises to be the industry’s best.

First, Feedforward Noise Cancelling captures noise outside of the headphones, and then digitally cancels them out with opposing noise patterns produced by high-order noise filters.

Then, Feedback Noise Cancelling works to cancel out noise that is captured inside the headphone’s earcup.

We can’t say how much more effective this is compared to your standard variety noise-cancelling until we get to try one for ourselves soon, but it definitely sounds interesting to warrant a deeper look.

In addition to noise cancelling, Panasonic is also promising an “extremely reliable” Bluetooth connectivity thanks to a proprietary antenna structure design that maximises performance in a small chassis.

Panasonic also touts high-performance MEMS microphones with a built-in unique “labyrinth cabinet structure” that can suppress wind noise. The RZ-S500W also applies a beam forming technology that enables the voice to be efficiently delivered while suppressing ambient noise.

Design-wise, there doesn’t seem to be anything groundbreaking about the RZ-S500W or its slightly less spec-ed up sister the RZ-S300W. Both are accompanied by chunky charging cases and typical-looking earbuds, but we’ll reserve our judgment on this until we get some time to try them out for ourselves.

Both the RZ-S500W and the RZ-S300W are available now for S$349 and S$249 respectively – the only two differences between both models are the noise cancelling and the beam forming noise reduction microphone tech.

You can get them on Shopee and Lazada.

Stay tuned for our full review.

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