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OtterBox releases new iPhone case with built-in/customizable PopSocket

By Cookie Monster - on 14 Jan 2019, 2:00am

OtterBox releases new iPhone case with built-in/customizable PopSocket

Otter + Pop. <br>Image source: OtterBox

Capitalizing on the trend of phone users using PopSockets, OtterBox collaborated with the Colorado-based company on an integrated case called the Otter + Pop.

Otter + Pop is essentially a Symmetry Series case with a built-in PopGrip and swappable PopTops to create a unique look for the user. The integrated PopGrip lays flush with the case when not in use, which solves one of the biggest annoyances of the traditional PopSocket design. This provides easier one-handed operation and hands-free viewing. 

While each Otter + Pop case comes with a case-matched PopTop color, it can be swapped out with a simple turn and a snap. Select swappable PopTops will also be available to match each case color. 

The Otter + Pop is coming soon for the iPhone on and The case retails from US$59.95 while individual swappable PopTops are priced from US$8.

Source: OtterBox

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