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This limited-edition osmanthus thermal paste lets your PC smell like flowers

By Cheryl Tan - on 10 Apr 2024, 1:56pm

This limited-edition osmanthus thermal paste lets your PC smell like flowers

Does it smell like it's overclocking? Source: CWTP.

Stop and smell the roses. In this case, it's osmanthus flowers with Japanese brand Clock Work Tea Party's new thermal paste, launching on 12 April 2024

You know it's from Japan when they have superior 2D mascots for the oddest products. Source: CWTP.

The quirky DIY PC brand previously released other scented thermal pastes in Japan, including the likes of a green apple-scented paste (CWTP-EG4GAP), a pink strawberry option (CWTP-EG4GST), and a non-scented Ultimate version (CWTP-EG4GUL).

Now, CWTP has CWTP-EG4GUV-L, a new osmanthus-scented paste called Extremegris (えくすとりーむぐりす). CWTP said it has higher thermal conductivity than the Ultimate version while being less viscous, making it easier to apply.

There's no official W/mk thermal conductivity measurement for the paste. However, the 6.3/7 grade index number provided by the company is slightly higher than its Ultimate version's (at 6.2/7 grade index), which supposedly has 20W/mk thermal conductivity. That's at least on par with standard thermal pastes.

Source: CWTP.

It also has a slightly wider temperature range (-50 to 250°C) and comes in a 4g tube. The limited edition paste that will go on sale first comes with a specially designed card to commemorate the launch. It's followed by a standard edition that hits retail later.

The idea of a scented thermal paste is interesting. Will the scent only appear when a certain thermal load is reached? Will the eventual lack of scent be a good reminder that it's time to repaste your CPU? Seeing as previous editions of scented thermal pastes were all sold out, it's likely that there are enough people out there who want their PCs to smell nice. 

Source: CWTP.

The CWTP-EG4GUV-L osmanthus thermal paste will start selling on 12 April 2024 at a tax-included price of 2,280 yen (approximately S$20) at CWTP's website, although it doesn't look like there's international shipping available. It's a little steep, especially with popular thermal pastes like Arctic MX-4 can be found much more easily and purchased at cheaper prices. You've gotta pay if you want your PC to smell like flowers.

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