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Oppo shows off the 10x lossless zoom camera that will debut on its next phone

By Koh Wanzi - on 23 Feb 2019, 11:18pm

Oppo shows off the 10x lossless zoom camera that will debut on its next phone

Oppo had a prototype phone on display with the new camera system.

Oppo today showed off what the camera on its next phone will look like. At the Oppo Innovation Event 2019 in Barcelona, the company announced a camera with 10x "lossless" zoom, which should allow you to get up close and personal with your subjects. 

The technology is similar to the 5x zoom prototype that Oppo revealed a couple of years ago, also featuring a prism that reflects light by 90° in the style of a periscope. The 10x zoom system will comprise three lenses, including a 120° ultra-wide angle camera with a 16mm focal length, a 48-megapixel shooter, and a 160mm telephoto lens. 

The telephoto lens is the one that leverages the prism to reflect incoming light, which is how Oppo was able to cram a 160mm lens into a phone. In addition, Oppo uses D-cut lenses, which further helps reduce the thickness of the telephoto lens module.

Overall, the camera module is just 6.76mm thick, thinner even than the old 5x zoom system. 

The main 48-megapixel camera and the wide-angle lens each have their own autofocus motor, but both are located in the same module. This further helps save space and makes room for a larger sensor on the telephoto lens.

Oppo hasn't forgotten about optical image stabilization either, and both the main and telephoto lenses have OIS, which should help compensate for shaky hands, especially when zooming in. 

Here's a sample photo from Oppo showing off the technology.

However, unlike the 5x zoom tech which never made it onto an actual phone, Oppo says we will see a phone with its 10x zoom system in Q2 2019. 

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