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Oppo officially launches its Carlink smart car solution for connected devices

By Liu Hongzuo - on 28 Oct 2021, 12:52pm

Oppo officially launches its Carlink smart car solution for connected devices

Oppo held its Oppo Developer Conference yesterday (27 October 2021), announcing several new initiatives in a bid to attract developers to new ventures. One of which was Oppo Carlink, the brand’s smart car solution that combines both automotive and smartphone fields for better, seamless connectivity and user experiences.


Not just cars for Oppo Carlink

According to Oppo, the new Oppo Carlink business unit already has 70 companies partnered with this new project. Not much else was said about the initiative, but tech publications like GizChina have said that Oppo Carlink isn’t restricted to just cars. Two-wheeled vehicles (like scooters) are up for consideration, with tons of vehicle management tools in the works - digital car keys, in-car smart screens, smartwatch pairing, and more are just a sample of possibilities with the new venture.


Oppo Health

Another new initiative announced was Oppo Health, a new technology-based business unit that focuses on preventive medical care and improving health outcomes through lifestyle recommendations. Oppo said that Oppo Health aims to use continuous, long-term health data, models, and user feedback to create better healthcare solutions for conventional healthcare practitioners and institutions. 

Currently, Oppo Health has the support of a newly launched Oppo Health Lab that focuses on R&D in fields of sleep, sports, cardiovascular health, and telemedicine. There’s a new Oppo Health Research Kit for developers that can assist in data collection, analysis, and app development.

Source: Oppo (newsroom)

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