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Oppo unveils ColorOS 7 outside of China for the first time

By Cookie Monster - on 27 Nov 2019, 1:00am

Oppo unveils ColorOS 7 outside of China for the first time

Martin Liu, senior strategy manager of Oppo ColorOS, is on stage to introduce the new custom Android-based OS.

Oppo just launched the new ColorOS 7 outside of the China for the first time.

The ColorOS 7 comes with a new slogan, "Smooth and Delightful" which reimagines the system design and enhance the audiovisual and gaming experience for users. ColorOS 7 is based on the Infinite Design concept, where Oppo adopted a lightweight visual approach to simplify the user interface and allow users to focus more on their content.

New UI features include full icon customisation, Dark Mode, weather-adaptive alarm that adjusts alarm sounds according to weather conditions, dynamic wallpapers that change with time or a swipe, an upgraded haptic design to deliver clearer, crisper touch response sounds and a more realistic touch experience, new animations for charging, weather and deleting apps, new sound effects for a more comfortable listening experience, and a collaboration with Denmark's audio design firm Epic Sound to enhance overall sound system. 

Oppo claims ColorOS 7 boosts RAM utilization by 40% and system response by 30% through the use of oFas, oMem and oSense technologies. oFas is a mechanism of cache preload that makes cold starts as fast as warm starts. This makes opening and starting of apps faster! oMem adapts to user habits by shifting and allocating system resources efficiently. oSense is a scheduling mechanism that gives priority to front-end and user-related threads, optimises touch response and frame rates for a smoother gaming experience. 

ColorOS 7 also focuses on privacy protection; the Private Safe feature keeps photos, videos, audio and other documents in a secure "zone" of the storage folder where access by third-party apps is blocked. 

In the areas of imaging, ColorOS 7 brings AI beautification 2.0 to match user's skin with light in the environment, and Ultra Night Mode to reduce noise and capture low-light photos with greater clarity, brightness and color. There is also a smart video editor, Soloop which can simplify video shooting and editing for casual users to make beautiful videos and share them easily. 

Oppo states that the trial version of ColorOS 7 will be rolled out across its range of phone models including theReno, Find, F, K and A series models, in China, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East from 26 November in batches.

These are the Oppo models that will receive the trial version of ColorOS 7. Do note that it will be released batch by batch.

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