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Oppo beats Facebook and Apple to the punch with the Oppo Air Glass

By Ken Wong - on 14 Dec 2021, 7:50pm

Oppo beats Facebook and Apple to the punch with the Oppo Air Glass

The Oppo Air Glass will launch in China early next year. Image source: Oppo.

Oppo Inno Day 2021 saw the company unveil a number of new and upcoming products that we can expect to see in and inside products in 2022.

While Facebook announced their ‘Project Nazare’ augmented reality glasses at Facebook Connect 2021 and Apple has rumoured AR glasses coming next year, the Oppo Air Glass will be arriving in China during the first quarter of 2022.

The Air Glass uses assisted Reality and not Augmented Reality. Image source: Oppo.

But unlike the other two, the Air Glass is an aR (Assisted Reality) device as opposed to an augmented reality one.

According to Oppo, assisted Reality (aR) refers to the technology that allows a person to view a screen within his or her immediate field of vision, hands-free. It differs from augmented reality (AR) in that the information on the screen is not overlaid onto a physical environment; in most cases, the information is two-dimensional and stationary and interacts or changes little in relation to the physical world.

Users can control the glasses through a combination of methods ranging from touch, voice, head movement, and hand movement. It will come with various apps such as weather, calendar, translation, and navigation installed as standard with more to come Oppo says.

See your script in front of your eyes. Image source: Oppo.

Some of the demos looked interesting. For example, having a simultaneous translation going so you can talk to another person and see what they are saying without losing eye contact. Or have your script in front of your eyes during a presentation with the transcription feature.

You can also attach the Air Glass to an existing pair of glasses. Image source: Oppo.

Available in two colours, it will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 processor and have a battery life of around three hours active use with 40 hours on standby.

The Air Glass will weigh 30g and come in two frame designs and two sizes. The inside of the frame has a magnetic port that allows it to be attached to more conventional glasses.

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