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OpenAI uses Sora to create a music video, and it's as trippy and weird as you'd expect

By Ezzhan Hakim - on 6 Apr 2024, 9:41am

OpenAI uses Sora to create a music video, and it's as trippy and weird as you'd expect

Remember Sora? The AI model from OpenAI that can create videos based on text instructions? OpenAI recently used Sora to generate a music video for the song "Worldweight" by musician August Kamp.

The result? A series of short clips with a wide 8:3 aspect ratio, featuring dream-like visuals including shiny gemstones, what appears to be alien technology, and even a shrine under the moonlight in the middle of a forest.

In the video description, Kamp describes how she previously had difficulties translating the images she envisioned for Worldweight into a physical music video. Sora, however, allowed her to bring those visions to life. Kamp highlights the power of Sora for artists, stating: 

[T]his is what Sora is best for - in my opinion. taking these pictures that i've held onto for two years and saying "august - we can share these with folks". that's what i think is special about this tool. 

The video itself showcases the potential and limitations of Sora. While some scenes, like the gemstones, are beautifully rendered, others, like the fish gliding in the water rather than swimming show that there is still plenty of room for improvement for the AI. 

Sadly, there were no details about the specific text prompts used or the number of clips used to create the nearly two-and-a-half-minute long video.

Earlier on, OpenAI had given access to some filmmakers to use Sora, and Worldweight is just one of the AI-generated content created. Check out other AI-generated videos using Sora such as the short film by Shy Kids.

Source: OpenAI

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