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OnePlus shows off Active CryoFlux true liquid cooling in latest concept phone

By Oscar the Grouch - on 1 Mar 2023, 8:06pm

OnePlus shows off Active CryoFlux true liquid cooling in latest concept phone

OnePlus shows off its new liquid cooling concept at MWC 2023. (Image: OnePlus video screenshot),

True liquid cooling? In a phone?

The latest concept showcase from OnePlus took one of our favourite PC technologies, and fitted it inside a conceptual handset that resembles the OnePlus 11.

Unveiled at MWC 2023, OnePlus called the technology Active CryoFlux and claimed it can reduce the phone's temperature by up to 2.1°c while gaming. This purportedly raises the phone's performance by 3-4FPS (frames per second).

OnePlus said it also help to keep the phone cooler while charging, reducing temperatures by 1.6°c. Thanks to this, the phone can charge up to 30-45 seconds faster.

It's not a lot, but gains are gains -- especially when you consider how small a smartphone is (relative to a liquid-cooled DIY PC) and the physics and engineering need to shrink a true water-cooling system down to size.

OnePlus says that an “industrial-grade piezoelectric ceramic micropump” circulates liquid throughout these glowing pipelines.

There were no details on how they could squeeze the whole thing into less than 0.2cm² of space. Did some other components have to be sacrificed or resized? That would have been interesting to know.

A peek at the glowing tubes running through the device. (Image: OnePlus video screenshot)

Of course, the system had to include futuristic lighting, because OnePlus wanted its fans to think about its fancy tech knocking about in such a tiny body. But the lighting isn’t just for show – the tubes are illuminated to represent exactly where the glowing blue liquid flows.

Unfortunately, as a conceptual phone feature, there’s no word on whether this Active Cryoflux tech will ever hit the streets. We’ll have to be content with accessories like the ROG Phone’s clip-on AeroActive cooler to keep our fingers cool and comfy during long mobile gaming sessions.

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