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OnePlus compares its Dash Charge against Samsung's Adaptive Charging

By Cookie Monster - on 10 Aug 2016, 2:00am

OnePlus compares its Dash Charge against Samsung's Adaptive Charging

Most Android flagship smartphones come with their respective fast charging technologies. OnePlus brands its technology as Dash Charge while Samsung has its own Adaptive Charging. Which fast charging technology is faster? OnePlus decided to pit its Dash Charge against Samsung's Adaptive Charging. 

In the first test scenario, the OnePlus 3 has its battery charged up to 64% in 30 minutes while the Galaxy S7's battery charging is a tad slower at 50%. In the second test scenario, both phones have their screens turned on while charging and the margin is wider; the OnePlus 3's battery registered 67% while the Galaxy S7 is only at 23%. 

It is important to note that the second test scenario stacks the odds against the Galaxy S7 as it has a higher resolution display (Quad-HD) compared to the Full-HD display of the OnePlus 3. While both phones sport 3,000mAh batteries, the OnePlus 3 has a slightly bigger display at 5.5-inches compared to the 5.1-inch display of the Galaxy S7.

Source: OnePlus (YouTube) via PhoneArena

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