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The OnePlus 8 can run Fortnite at 90fps

By Ng Chong Seng - on 27 May 2020, 5:30pm

The OnePlus 8 can run Fortnite at 90fps

(Image: OnePlus.)

Do you still play Fortnite? If you do and play it on a OnePlus 8, know that it’s the only phone in the world right now that can run the game at 90 frames per second. That’s mighty impressive because even the consoles are locked to 60fps.

This is possible because Fortnite creator Epic Games and OnePlus have worked together to create a OnePlus 8-specific build of the game. Which is to say you won’t get the 90fps option on other handsets even if they’ve a screen with an over 60Hz refresh rate.

The only device that can better the OnePlus 8 is the iPad Pro (2018 and later), which can run the game at 120fps.

However, there’s one catch: when 90fps is chosen, the game will run at the ‘Low’ graphics quality setting. But for those determined to have every in-game advantage, this tradeoff is probably worth it.

Source: OnePlus.

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