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One country has banned smartwatches for kids and asks parents to destroy them

By Cookie Monster - on 3 Dec 2017, 4:00am

One country has banned smartwatches for kids and asks parents to destroy them

The Omate 4G Video Call smartwatch is designed for kids, elderly folks and skilled work in remote areas.

First published on 20 November 2017

Kids in Germany will not be using smartwatches anytime soon after the country's telecommunications agency (also known as Federal Network Agency), the Bundesnetzagentur, imposed a ban on the wearable devices and appeals to parents to destory them.

According to Bleeping Computer, the Bundesnetzagentur has classified smartwatches for kids as "prohibited listening devices". The telecommunications agency has also "taken action against several offers on the Internet". 

"Using an app, parents can use such children's watches to listen unnoticed to the child's environment and they are to be regarded as unauthorized transmitting equipment," said Jochen Homann, President of the Federal Network Agency.

Based on the Bundesnetzagentur's research, parents are using their children's smartwatches to listen to teachers in class. It is against the law in Germany to be recording or listening to private conversations without the permissions of all recorded individuals. 

Germany's ban of smartwatches for kids comes a month after the European Consumer Organization (BEUC) issued a public service announcement on the security and privacy concerns about children's smartwatches. 

Source: Bleeping Computer via The Verge

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