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OMRON taps robotics for its latest logistics-based Automation Center

By Ken Wong - on 1 Dec 2022, 4:16pm

OMRON taps robotics for its latest logistics-based Automation Center

Don Teng, MD, OMRON Asia Pacific speaking at the inauguration. Image source: OMRON.

OMRON, a global leader in factory automation including Industry 4.0 solutions, has announced the opening of its first Automation Center catering to the logistics industry in Singapore. This is OMRON’s second automation centre in Singapore, sixth in APAC, and 38th worldwide.

OMRON’s Automation Center Singapore for Logistics is also one of the first solution development centres to support the adoption of Robotics Middleware Framework (RMF) in the logistics sector.

OMRON Mobile Manipulator Arm showcasing container unloading solution. Image source: OMRON.

The centre aims to address some of the industry’s biggest issues – labour scarcity, space, supply chain disruptions, and leveraging sustainable technologies.

OMRON Mobile Manipulator Arm showcasing Automated goods picking solution. Image source: OMRON.

As part of this, it has become a showcase highlighting the possibilities of deploying a multi-robot system (MRS). This is where mobile robots within the warehouse perform autonomous movement of goods (handling, moving, and storing warehouse assets) as they work alongside the human workforce on the shop floor.

OMRON's pallet-picking robot solution. Image source: OMRON.

The centre allows for the demonstration of custom mobile robot solutions using natural navigation features to perform autonomous movement of materials, 3D-vision-guided picking, palletising solutions, interoperability of mobile robots using RMF, and logistics training cells as well as an assortment of technologies enabling sustainable operations.

The company also announced plans to actively work with technology companies, system integrators and start-ups with technology offerings relevant to the logistics industry to pioneer warehouse automation solutions catered to the specific needs of third-party logistics and fourth-party logistics fulfilment centres, e-commerce providers, and other warehouse management end-users.

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