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The Omnidesk Zero is a new and more affordable electric desk for gamers

By Koh Wanzi - on 5 Mar 2019, 4:15pm

The Omnidesk Zero is a new and more affordable electric desk for gamers

Omnidesk, an offshoot of local PC company Aftershock, has announced the Zero, a more affordable version of its electric, height-adjustable desk.

The Zero offers an even greater degree of customization than the existing Omnidesk Pro, with the freedom to strip down the features to a bare bones model for even greater cost savings. You can even purchase individual parts of the table, such as the legs. That's where the inspiration of the name came from, and the idea is that you can start from scratch to build a table that fits within your budget.

Like the Pro, you'll be able to get the Zero in one of three different sizes, with table tops that measure 122cm, 152cm, and 183cm across. That said, this is intended as a budget model, so the Zero comes with a less pricey motor that does not feature collision detection or a child lock. The motor is also slower and noisier, so there are some compromises you'll have to put up with. Omnidesk has kept the four user-programmable memory presets though, which should make adjustments a lot more convenient.

Fortunately, you'll be able to do away with the motor entirely if you're just looking for a desk that you can customize with attachments. 

The Zero can also withstand up to 130kg of weight, the same as its more expensive sibling.

It starts at just S$299, but the price will go up as you select more parts and accessories. The table is compatible with many of the accessories that the Pro already supports, including an integrated cable management bar (S$79), a mounted six-socket power bar (S$45), a headphone hanger (S$30), a PC mount (S$99), and even the ARC Stealth dual-monitor arm mounts (S$139). 

The Zero will be available to order at the upcoming IT Show.

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