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The Omnidesk Pro has been updated for 2020, just in time for #WFH

By Kenny Yeo - on 1 May 2020, 10:11am

The Omnidesk Pro has been updated for 2020, just in time for #WFH

(Image source: Omnidesk)

Omnidesk is updating its flagship line of standing desks. This is the new Omnidesk Pro 2020 series.

On first impressions, it can be difficult to tell what has changed. After all, it looks mostly similar. But a number of critical components have been improved.

The control panel now dims automatically after 10 seconds. (Image source: Omnidesk)

  • Self-dimming control panel – the desk controller panel now dims after 10 seconds to prevent distracting lights
  • Faster motor – the motors that allow for height adjustment are now 40% faster
  • Increased stability – lateral movement has been reduced under load while maximum load remains at 120kg
  • Redesigned feet - brings center of gravity closer to the ground, improving balance
  • Anti-collision – increased sensitivty of the desk's anti-collison system
  • Extendable cable management tray – to better hide cables, especially for those who bought larger tables
  • Warranty now up to 7 years

The redesigned table feet. (Image source: Omnidesk)

The new Omnidesk Pro will be available to order starting now at Omnidesk's website.

There's a special launch promo with prices starting at S$760 (U.P S$980) for the 48-inch straight-edge powder coat table. Prices start at S$1,059 (U.P S$1,329) for tables with special wood finishes.

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