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Omnidesk improves on standing desk technology with the new Ascent table

By Aaron Yip & Tim Augustin - on 10 Nov 2021, 4:59pm

Omnidesk improves on standing desk technology with the new Omnidesk Ascent

Image: Omnidesk

Omnidesk Singapore has just announced the launch of the Omnidesk Ascent, the company’s latest standing desk with a host of new features. One of these features is the new Omnidesk Life companion app, which users can use to control their standing desk from a mobile device. The app lets you adjust the desk’s height, track the time you spend sitting or standing, customise aesthetics and fine-tune other functions. 

It seems like a pretty handy app to have around, especially if you tend to lose track of how many hours you’ve spent sitting by a desk all day. The Omnidesk Ascent also has a brand-new controller with customisable colour options, ranging from rolling RGB colours to single colour variants like Sunset and Aqua. The controller’s buttons are enlarged for ease of use and it syncs with the Omnidesk Life app for seamless connectivity. It also has a 5V charging port and OLED screen. 

Putting together the desk also seems a bit easier this time around. The Omnidesk Ascent comes with fewer parts to assemble and a streamlined assembly process, allowing you to put it together in five minutes flat. That’s quicker than most LEGO builds, which is impressive for an actual set of furniture. If you’d rather have someone else do it for you, Omnidesk still offers an improved white glove on-site assembly with each purchase of this desk. 

The Omnidesk Ascent was constructed with structural integrity in mind, with a redesigned column-like leg structure put together using forged steel construction. This gives the desk more heavy-duty support resistant to buckling. A rounded surface area also provides more stability, and a sleeker look for good measure. Omnidesk boasts that the new desk also has the fastest elevation speed in the market, capable of lifting up to 130kg at 60mm/s - allowing you to move between standing and sitting positions at the desk more quickly.

An adjustable Magnetic Cable Tray also lets you deal with loose and messy cables cleanly, and the desk comes with a ten-year warranty. The desk will be compatible with all existing Omnidesk accessories and offerings, including the new Omnidesk Zen cable management bar. This device comes with a bunch of cable management accessories to neaten your workstation up. 

Pre-orders for the Omnidesk Ascent are now open and as part of an early-bird launch promotion, the desk will retail for $850 (U.P $1,298) until 6 December, 2021. After that, the desk will retail at $950. The Omnidesk Ascent Wildwood will also retail at $1149 (U.P $1647) until 6 December, after which it will retail for $1249. These desks come in 48”, 60” and 72” sizes. Find more information on the desk here. 

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