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Olympus Releases High-End Tough Camera TG-1

By Alvin Soon - on 8 May 2012, 2:30pm

Olympus Releases High-End Tough Camera TG-1

Olympus has announced a brand-new high-end Tough camera named the TG-1. While Olympus has long pioneered a series of rugged Tough cameras for the adventurous photographer, the TG-1 is a little different: It's aiming to be the cream of the Tough cameras crop, with impressive imaging specs marrying the shock-proof and weather-proof case.

The TG-1 has an impressive 25-100mm (equivalent to 4x optical zoom) f/2.0-f/4.9 zoom lens with a 12MP sensor, the fastest lens yet seen on a rugged camera. The ISO range goes up to ISO6400, and the camera records 1080p Full-HD video. The TG-1 comes with the same Truepix VI processor found in the OM-D E-M5 and a high-resolution 610k dot 3" OLED display. For fast action capture, the TG-1 can shoot up to 1/2000 of a second and up to ten frames per second at full resolution, 60 frames per second at 3MP.

Interestingly, the TG-1 comes with an adapter ring, which lets you fit optional lens converters. At the moment, a Fisheye lens and Teleconverter lens have been announced. The Fisheye lens lets you capture wide, panoramic shots while the teleconverter extends your optical zoom from 4x to 6.8x.

The Fisheye Convertor Lens lets you shoot with a wider angle on the TG-1.

Finally, not only is the TG-1 tougher than previous tough cameras - it's water-proof to 12m, shock-proof from a height of 2m, freeze-proof to -10°C and crush-proof to 100kgf - it also comes with built-in GPS so you can log your co-ordinates in your images, which will help you track just where you were when you took that photograph off the beaten track.

Unfortunately the TG-1 does not record stills to RAW, only JPEG, an odd omission which strikes as us taking two steps forward and one step back with such a high-end camera.

The TG-1 will be available in mid-June, the local retail price is yet to be confirmed.

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