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Olloclip's new lenses for the iPhone 7 have improved mounting system and optics

By Cookie Monster - on 11 Oct 2016, 1:00am

Olloclip's new lenses for the iPhone 7 have improved mounting system and optics

Image source: Olloclip

With the launch of every generation iPhone comes a new set of lens accessories from Olloclip. There are three new Olloclip lens sets built specifically for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which are the Core, Active and Macro Pro. 

All three lens sets feature the Connect interchangeable system that attaches and aligns to both the front and rear cameras of the iPhone with no extra parts required. The hinged lens base of the Connect system swivels independently and works with most screen protectors. The three lens sets also come with new premium multi-element coated glass optics for edge-to-edge clarity.

The Core Lens Set consists of Fisheye (near 180-degree spherical effect), Super-Wide (advanced 4-element lens with more than 120-degree field of view) and Macro 15x Lens. This set is available at a retail price of US$99.99.

The Active Lens Set features a Telephoto lens with advanced 2x optical zoom and an Ultra-Wide lens with a 155-degree field of view. It is priced at US$119.99. 

If you're into macro photography, the $79.99 Macro Pro Lens Set may be the one for you. It has three lens options at 7x, 14x and 21x. Each lens is equipped with an advanced six-element optics for greater depth of field and less pincushion distortion. 

The Core, Active and Macro Pro Lens Sets are available for pre-order now at They are targeted to be available in major retail stores and Apple in early November.

Source: PRNewswire via Engadget

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