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OCZ SSDs to benefit from ShieldPlus warranty in Singapore

By Kenny Yeo - on 19 Jan 2016, 3:57pm

OCZ SSDs to benefit from ShieldPlus warranty in Singapore

OCZ is beginning 2016 with the announcement that it has just extended its ShieldPlus warranty to 66 new countries. 

Amongst these new countries are Australia, Japan, Thailand, and of course, Singapore.

First introduced with the Trion 100 SSD, ShieldPlus is a warranty program that aims to reduce the hassle of drive replacement. 

Typically, when a drive becomes faulty and needs to be replaced under warranty, the user is required to bring the drive down to a service center. Thereafter, the service center will determine if the drive qualifies for a replacement and then a replacement is sent out - on the same day if your are lucky, or a couple of days later if you are not.

ShieldPlus does away with all that by sending out the replacement drive first, while collecting the faulty one back later. The replacement drive will contain a mailer for users to send the faulty drive back. It's OCZ way of saying sorry to owners who trusted in their products and have to go through the hassle of replacing their drives. It also shows just how confident OCZ is of their drives.

ShieldPlus is available on all OCZ SSDs introduced after it was acquired by Toshiba.

Check out the video below for more information about OCZ ShieldPlus, or visit OCZ here.

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