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OCZ launches new Trion 100 SSD, also its first TLC NAND SSD

By Kenny Yeo - on 10 Jul 2015, 10:15am

OCZ launches new Trion 100 SSD, also its first TLC NAND SSD

Image source: OCZ.

OCZ has just officially announced the launch of its new Trion 100 SSD series. This new series of drives also happen to be the company's first ever TLC NAND drives.

First seen at Computex 2015 just months ago, the Trion 100 utilizes Toshiba's latest A19nm TLC NAND (Triple-Level Cell) NAND and also a new proprietary controller from Toshiba.

Performance is expected to be competitive, with claimed sequential read and write speeds in the region of around 550MB/s and 520MB/s respectively. And for those worried about endurance, OCZ has said that the 240GB variant will be good for up to 60GB writes per day for up to three years.

Designed to provide performance at an accessible price, the Trion 100 SSDs will be OCZ's newest entry-level drives targeted at mainstream users.

The Trion 100 SSD will be available in 120GB, 240GB, 480GB and 960GB capacities. Pricing for the respective drives are as follows: S$79, S$135, S$290 and S$520. This makes them extremely affordable.

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