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OCBC customers can now withdraw cash from an ATM without their ATM card

By Wong Chung Wee - on 31 Jul 2019, 4:20pm

OCBC Bank customers can perform ATM cash withdrawals using QR codes

Image source: OCBC Bank

OCBC Bank customers can use their OCBC Pay Anyone mobile app to perform cash withdrawals by just scanning a QR code. Neither ATM card nor pin is needed as authentication is securely performed on the bank’s mobile application using the customer’s credentials, i.e., fingerprint, faceprint or mobile banking login details.

With this more secure method of ATM cash withdrawal, the transaction time is reduced to less than 45 seconds, the usual physical ATM card and PIN entry routine takes 80 seconds. The old method is less secure as the ATM card can be skimmed and duplicated, and PINs can be compromised easily unlike biometric data and mobile banking login details.

This new QR code ATM cash withdrawal service is available to all OCBC customers at all OCBC ATMS except the 22 new ATMS that accept both coins and cash deposits.


To withdraw cash at any OCBC ATM using a QR code:

Left: Step 1; Right: Step 2 (Image source: OCBC Bank)

  • Step 1: Click on “Withdraw cash with OCBC Pay Anyone” on ATM screen
  • Step 2: Log into OCBC Pay Anyone app

Left: Step 3; Right: Step 4 (Image source: OCBC Bank)

  • Step 3: Scan the QR code on the ATM screen
  • Step 4: Select the amount to withdraw or key in your preferred amount

Step 5 (Image source: OCBC Bank)

  • Step 5: Cash is dispensed from ATM

Source: OCBC Bank

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