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NVIDIA plays Superman with new city-scale Metropolis video analytics platform

By Vijay Anand - on 9 May 2017, 1:58am

NVIDIA launches Metropolis platform to transform smart cities and improve public safety

(Image source: NVIDIA)

NVIDIA’s foray into deep learning has now enabled the company to offer a new city-scale intelligent video analytics platform dubbed Metropolis. It could one day become our city guardian by processing vast amounts of video data captured on CCTVs and other surveillance cameras to provide valuable insights and transform them into smart city solutions like improving traffic and public safety.

It’s no secret, we are heading towards a data driven future with tens or hundreds of connected appliances, sensors and gadgets per household. These figures will easily swell to the millions and billions of edge connected devices all producing or making sense of data to shape our smart home and smart city.

Video is by far the largest generator of data and is captured by hundreds of millions of cameras deployed in government property, public transit, commercial buildings, roadways and much more. However, humans only monitor a tiny fraction of the captured video. To unlock the full potential of all the captured video would require a sophisticated and intelligent video analytics platform to make sense of it all. Here's how NVIDIA Metropolis will help create an AI City:-

NVIDIA Metropolis will be the foundation of an AI City - an edge-to-cloud platform that can turn anonymized video into valuable insights. Driven by technologies like NVIDIA Jetson TX2 at the edge and NVIDIA Tesla in the data center, it can deliver intelligent video analytics for a wide range of applications. Rich data visualization will be powered by NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics cards and the entire edge-to-cloud platform will be supported by the company’s software developmental kits such as JetPack, DeepStream and TensorRT.

Growing AI City Partner Support

More than 50 NVIDIA AI city partners already help customers reveal insights and take real-time action using deep learning on NVIDIA GPUs. Among them are industry leaders such as Avigilon, Dahua, Hanwha Techwin, Hikvision and Milestone.

Shiliang Pu, president at Hikvision Research Institute has these comments to share:-

“NVIDIA’s end-to-end Metropolis platform can be applied to video streams to create smarter and safer applications for a variety of industries – from transportation to commercial. The benefit of GPU deep learning is that data can be analyzed quickly and accurately to drive deeper insights.”

Bjørn Skou Eilertsen, chief technology officer at Milestone Systems:-

“City management customers using Milestone’s upcoming Video Processing Server with NVIDIA Metropolis are positioned to take the lead in the adoption of deep learning for video-enabled IoT devices. Unleashing the value of this metadata will provide intelligent insights to take smart action.”

Source: NVIDIA

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