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NVIDIA unveils Drive Hyperion 9 autonomous vehicle platform, targeted for use in 2026 production cars

By Kenny Yeo - on 27 Mar 2022, 11:16am

NVIDIA unveils Drive Hyperion 9 autonomous vehicle platform, targeted for use in 2026 production cars

Note: This article was first published on 23 March 2022.

(Image source: NVIDIA)

NVIDIA has just announced its newest Drive Hyperion 9 platform which is targeted to appear in 2026 production vehicles.

Drive Hyperion 9 builds on the success of last year’s Drive Hyperion 8 by adding more processing capability and extra sensors so that the vehicle equipped with it can better understand its surroundings.

The key update to Drive Hyperion 9 is the use of NVIDIA’s newer and more powerful Drive Atlan SoC. NVIDIA claims Atlan will deliver more than double the performance of the current-generation Orin chips at the same power envelop. 

Last year, NVIDIA announced that Drive Atlan performance of up to 1,000 trillion operations per second – that’s five times greater than what the current-generation Orin SoC is capable of.

NVIDIA Drive Atlan (Image source: NVIDIA)

With the compute power of Drive Atlan, NVIDIA says vehicles equipped with Drive Hyperion 9 will be capable of enabling level 4 autonomous driving as well as all of the convenience and safety features provided by NVIDIA Drive Concierge.

Because Atlan can process so much more data, Drive Hyperion 9 will also have a more advanced and comprehensive suite of sensors. 

Drive Hyperion 9 will consist of 14 cameras, 9 radars, 3 lidars, and 20 ultrasonic sensors to deliver autonomous and assisted driving features. In addition to these exterior cameras and sensors, Drive Hyperion 9 will also have 3 interior cameras and a single interior radar for occupant sensing.

NVIDIA says Drive Hyperion 9 will feature in 2026 production vehicles. However, it did not reveal which automakers will be implementing this new platform in their vehicles. 

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